Investment Management

We feel it's far more important to manage risk than to pick stocks. Accordingly, your investments are aligned with your desire for stability or appetite for growth. 

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Portfolio Management

We manage investment portfolios tailored to your specific circumstances.  We accomplish this by combining the right mix of smart investments with proven strategies, seeking to manage risk and maximize returns.  Our process includes: 

  1. Asset allocation tailored to your objectives
  2. Smart, diversified, low-cost investment selection
  3. Regularly scheduled portfolio reviews
  4. Automated rebalancing
  5. Tax minimizing strategies
  6. No commissions or transaction costs

Alternative Investments

For eligible clients, certain private investments may be a good way to add diversification and incorporate returns that are uncorrelated to market indexes.  We help identify and source hedge fund, private equity, real estate, and other opportunities that fit into the objectives of our accredited investor clients.

Margin and Options

Tactical investment strategies that include the use of margin and/or options can help investors accelerate returns or hedge against market risk.  Enlisting the help of an experienced professional is a smart way to explore whether such strategies have a place in your investment portfolio.  

Self-Directed Trading 

Clients interested in managing a portion or all of their investments on their own but with the help of our guidance, benefit from unlimited, no commission, no transaction fee trading.  Contact us to learn more.


Navigate Portfolio Risk Through BlackRock Model Portfolios

Profolio has partnered with BlackRock, the worlds largest and most trusted asset manager, to offer managed model portfolio solutions.  To see current model allocations and performance details, click below.

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